From the beginning there was the freight forwarder

We cannot say when the first freight forwarder emerged but we can be certain that the man who loaded the harvest of his village onto his donkey cart and drove to the next village was the forerunner of the freight forwarding industry today.

Today little has changed except for the distances & the modes of communication & transport employed. The freight forwarder organizes the complete door to door international movement of cargoes by a variety of transportation methods, and with his wealth of experience and knowledge ensures that values of millions are delivered safely and efficiently to his clients throughout the world.

Therefore a good freight forwarder today, shows a great sense of responsibility for goods of all kinds under his control and has a well developed sense for service.

Our philosophy.

Progress is born out of experience. Here lie the roots of our success. Out of
experience we react to changes by changing ourselves, For this it is necessary to recognize developments early. We are proud to be freight forwarders. We provide services for the smooth logistics such as transport, charters, storage, distribution and much more, both locally and global, whether on land, at sea or in the air. The highly complex tailor made transportation and allied services are handled by our systems with relative ease because of our experience and knowledge.

Why you are in good hands with us.

We have made it our business to be the first class partner for each client. We offer services of very high standards around the clock and around the world. A partnership with us is the right option because of our worldwide experience and responsibility.

We are fully communicative.

Without modern data techniques and communication systems our international freight forwarding system would be impossible. All important and time critical communication requirements are established as direct dialogue operations.Via data exchange and electronic mail we reach in seconds the respective branches of international partners and clients.